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Oz is the founder of FABULOZ, is a John Paul Mitchell Systems International Trainer, and has been a professional stylist for more than 15 years.

FABULOZ Tips & Tricks

Ok our FABULOZ Friends, let’s do some real talk here;).  We do some pretty harsh stuff to our hair in the quest for the perfect style, to get our ultimate color, and to prevent having to wash it for one more day…Can I do dry shampoo 4 days in a row? hehe… Then we do treatments, hair masks and crazy home remedies in an effort to turn back the time and bring our hair back to life. But let’s be real. We know better and yet we still try to defy the laws of the Hair Gods.  

Hair Extensions are an entirely different animal than our natural hair.  It’s not the easy way out.  They take a lot of care and maintenance at home to make our investment last as long as possible.  

Take a moment to think about what 100% human hair extensions go thru before they ever get to your salon…

First, the hair is sourced, it is donated or sold from a real-life human.

Second, it is sent to a processor who cleans it, decolorizes it slowly, then deposits the target color.  The end result color depends on how light it is decolorized in the first place.  Sound familiar? Basically exactly what we have to do to our own hair if we want to change the color.  

Third, it is bonded… Seamless, weft, i-tip, etc.

Lastly it is branded and sold to the end supplier. In this case, FABULOZ Hair Extensions. 

Wow! That is some journey to get to our salons.  

Then we expect them to be strong like a bull and withstand all the torture we put them through.

So let’s be kind to our own hair and our hair extensions while still living life to the fullest.  Here are some of our favorite tips for living your best life while wearing FABULOZ Hair Extensions.

Tip #1

FABULOZ Hair Extensions are only guaranteed when installed by a professional stylist

So for all of my “I can do anything I put my mind to” ladies out there… Yes, you can do anything, EXCEPT install your own hair extensions.  We have certified FABULOZ stylists nationwide and we would be happy to pair you up with one. 

Tip #2

Professional products are a must!

This means recommended by a professional stylist and purchased in a salon.  We always recommend a Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Detangling Conditioners.  Check out our Favorite Products Section for our favorites.

Tip #3

When in doubt, Braid it out!

When you are out there living your best life…Working out, riding with the top down, climbing a mountain or playing volleyball at the beach secure your hair in a braid.  Braids equal No Tangles.

Tip #4

Sleep like the beauty queen you are

Your night-time routine will take you 2 minutes to ensure a comfy nights sleep and an easy morning.  Brush your hair, spray dry shampoo at your base to absorb oils and sweat while you sleep, braid it out, sleep like a queen.  When you wake up your hair will be fresh and ready to restyle with no tangles and no accidental scalpings(ouch;)

Tip #5

Sunglasses…Friend or Foe?

FABULOZ was founded in Florida so sunglasses are a daily accessory for us and for many of you at home. Instead of flipping your sunglasses (or glasses) on top of your head, take them off and place them on top. It only take one snag of a bond for you to remember this tip =)

Tip #6

The wet brush is your best friend!

Keep them everywhere…In the shower, in your car, at your desk, in your purse, and at your moms house.  Brush your hair whenever you think about it but at least 3 times a day to prevent matting.  Start at the ends and work your way up.  Most important, brush your hair before washing and before bed. 

Tip #7

Thermal protection is a non-negotiable

Smoothing Irons, Curling Irons and Crimpers, whatever your favorite hot tool is we must use thermal protection.  Low temperature is key to the quality of your hair.  Start off low, around 250 degrees. If you need a higher heat on your natural hair start there, then lower the temperature to incorporate your extensions.

Tip #8

Your professional stylist is the resource to all your hair extensions needs

Visit them every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.  Stop in for a wash, treatment and style in between maintenance visits for a relaxing experience and to give your extensions some love.

To all our FABULOZ Friends, we love and appreciate you so much.  Thank you for having some real talk with us and living your best life while wearing FABULOZ Hair Extensions.      


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