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The answer to this question depends on many factors…texture of natural hair, density of natural hair, how many inches of length are you looking to add.

For Tape-In Extensions: 20 pieces come in each bundle. As a rule of thumb you will need 2-3 bundles for fine hair, 3-4 for medium hair and 4-5 for thick hair.

For Hand-Tied Wefts: As a rule of thumb you will need 2-3 wefts for fullness on any texture. For length and fullness you will need 4-6 wefts for fine hair, 6-10 for medium hair, 8-12 for thick hair.

Each bundle of FABULOZ™ Tape-In Hair Extensions comes with 20 pieces to make 10 full extensions. 18” bundles contain approximately 43g. 22” bundles contain approximately 48g.

FABULOZ Hand-Tied Wefts are 20grams per weft in all lengths. Gram weight can vary +/- 2 grams per bundle depending on color

Using our color ring is the best way to ensure you are choosing the correct color. It is recommended to mix multiple colors for the most natural looking color match. You can order a color ring for your perfect match and return it within 14 days for a $40 credit towards your next order.

No worries, just mail your order back to us in its original condition and we will exchange it for you.

Additional shipping costs will apply.

100% European Remy human hair

All Hair Extensions are either Single or Double Drawn. Single-Drawn is when about 50% of the extension is the length the hair is labeled. The other 50% is shorter pieces of varying lengths. These shorter pieces reduce the density, requiring more hair to achieve your desired look. The shorter filler pieces also cause excessive tangling. Single drawn is also commonly know as “Layered” hair extensions.

Double-drawn means that the majority of the extension is the exact length labeled. This means no short filler pieces and maximum density. We have created FABULOZ™ Premium Hair Extensions to always be double-drawn. Yes, it’s more expensive to create. Yes, it’s more difficult to source. But guess what? YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

Did you notice that your 18” extensions actually measure to 19.5” and your 22” extensions actually measure to 23.5”? The reason for this is two-fold.

First we keep the fine edges on the extensions instead of cutting them off blunt so the extensions blend easier with themselves and the natural hair.

The second reason is we know you are going to have to do some cutting/shaping after installation. We want you to have the full length of the extensions after the cut, not just before the cut.

Each bundle comes with 24 pieces of replacement tape for you to bond them with. They come un-taped so the stylist has endless creative options on how to prepare the hair for installation. You can custom color, pre wash and style, etc.

Single-Sided Tape is recommended for finer hair, especially in the front areas to minimize the amount of weight on the natural hair. It is also a great way to spread out the density of one bundle for a fullness application. Use Single-Sided Tape as the bottom of the extension sandwich.

It is a medical grade adhesive. It is hypoallergenic to prevent contact dermatitis. It is a strong hold, quick release tape that eliminates damage to the natural hair when cared for correctly.

We only recommend Salon Professional products. We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain softness of the hair. We recommend a deep conditioner/treatment for the ends everytime you wash. Thermal protection is recommended for any thermal tool use. Dry Shampoo and Dry Condition are recommended at night before sleep.

Yes, we only recommend Demi/Semi Permanent or Temporary colors with No Ammonia. We do not recommend any type of bleach products or permanent color. We recommend testing your formula on one piece before coloring the entire bundle. Colors can process darker or inconsistent on hair extensions. We do not guarantee our product if it has been chemically altered.

We do not recommend any chemicals to be used on extensions. This includes but is not limited to relaxers, perms, bleach, henna, permanent color, etc. We do not guarantee our products if it is has been chemically altered.

 No, due to the delicate hand-tied construction of our hand-tied wefts they cannot be cut. If cut the weft will begin to unravel. We do not guarantee our products if the weft is cut.

Yes. Extensions can be styled just as you would style natural hair. We recommend using a thermal protection spray when doing any type of iron work. We recommend using a low temperature with irons… Below 300F. We also recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week to maintain the integrity and softness of the hair.


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