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Compliments of FABULOZ

FABULOZ - Color Match Guide

We have color matched FABULOZ Hair Extensions to Paul Mitchell Color XG and The Demi. Use this comparison chart as a tool to help you choose the best combination of colors for your guests. 

FABULOZ - 2 Bundle Application

 Download our informative and easy to follow PDF on how to properly do a 2 Bundle Application with FABULOZ Hair Extensions. Pictures Included!

Extension Placement Diagram

To get the proper fullness and length out of your hair extensions, it’s critical to put them in the right spots. We have created this diagram to help you get the perfect installation, every time.

The FABULOZ Promise

Calling all Proffessionals! Present the FABULOZ promise to your guests to ensure they live their best lives and protect their investment in FABULOZ Hair Extensions.

FABULOZ - The Perfect Consultation

Calling all Professionals! Use the FABULOZ Perfect Consultation Form to guide you and your guests through every step of the extension process.

FABULOZ - Price Sheet

Want the ability to see all of or product prices in one place, and compare wholesale prices to retail? The FABULOZ price sheet is your new best friend.


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