Ombre – 2-66


FABULOZ Premium Hair Extensions set you apart as a stylist.
They show your customers how much you care.
They are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

  • Designed by stylists for stylists
  • 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Double-Drawn for Maximum Length and Fullness
  • SlimLine Silk Bond Makes Them Invisible

Feel The FABULOZ Difference

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    • Our Slim Line Silk Bond is 1.5” wide and .25” tall…making it the thinnest bond on the market.  It lays smooth to the head and allows for a longer wear. Our specialized silk material prevents tearing and contours to the head shape.
    • 100% Remy hair prevents tangling and maintains natural texture and shine. No synthetics here!
    • All of our hair is double-drawn for maximum density from base to ends. Want to see the difference between single and double-drawn hair? Check out our video.
    • Each bundle comes with 20 pieces of hair which allows you to make 10 full extensions
    • Hair comes untaped to give stylists creative options, but don’t worry, 24 pieces of replacement tape come with each bundle.
    • Our hair has a soft gentle wave when dried naturally. It easily smoothes out with blowdrying and smoothing, and it holds a great curl.
    • We recommend using 2-3 bundles for fullness and up to 4” of length from the natural hair. Additional bundles can be used to add more than 4” to the natural hair. Even more bundles are recommended for thick, dense hair.
    • Because our extensions are made in small batches to control the quality, there can be a slight difference in the shades of colors.

    With proper care and application, your FABULOZ Extensions can be worn for over a year.

    Note: We do not recommend installing hair extensions at home, and can only guarantee them when they are installed by a professional stylist. Also, coloring or chemically treating your FABULOZ extensions voids the warranty.

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